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WordPress development is an interaction where you employ an expert who works with the fundamental coding and foundation of the WordPress site. They further develop your WordPress itself or make altogether new items. Regularly, WordPress developers play out a few of the written assignments below, which for this situation is us, Bitspaceweb Digital!

  • Creating and customizing plugins and themes.
  • Developing code and troubleshooting for WordPress core (that is, the actual software of WordPress).
  • Working closely with clients to help design and build their WordPress websites.
  • Ensuring that client websites are maintained efficiently.
  • Improving the accessibility of the WordPress platform.

To do these things productively, the skilled developer likewise must be a WordPress master. That is, they ought to have an intensive comprehension of each piece of the stage, just as the different programming languages used to run it.

Services provided by us:

Installation and Configuration –

We make the installation and arrangement a tranquil interaction attributable to our rich modern experience. Our improvement group conveys its abilities and experience to simplify this interaction.

Responsive Design –

As a believed website architecture organization, we foster web arrangements that offer a satisfying look and feel utilizing WordPress. We guarantee the best usefulness and presence of the site over various programs and gadgets.

Bug Fixation –

We can fix every one of the defects identified with your current WordPress site, so it can run with practically no error. Our quality investigators work dedicatedly to look at the usefulness and ease of use of the site and guarantee its ideal presentation.

Support –

We have solid designers who will work proficiently to refresh and keep up with your site. They have related knowledge in offering specialized help and upkeep services to stay up with the updates.

Pay Solutions –

We are specialists in the joining of different pay entryways and strategies to a WordPress site, to guarantee consistent value-based insight for the clients from one side of the planet to the other. We likewise carry out rigid safety efforts.

CMS Development –

We represent considerable authority in making the substance creation process easier and speedier to keep your site refreshed constantly. By utilizing the elements of WP CMS, we create a site that is not difficult to oversee and follow norms.

eCommerce Solutions –

We are skilled at incorporating WooCommerce and making a custom-fitted eCommerce site for your business. We likewise incorporate essential plugins and highlights to build a completely utilitarian eCommerce site that will give a vigorous internet-based presence.

Plugin Development –

We address different business needs and give them tailor-made plugins and augmentations on the WordPress stage. With the assistance of plugins, we expand the usefulness of your site according to your business needs.

Migration –

WordPress Migration is complicated work yet we can make it simple for you. We can quickly change your site to another host without really any deficiency of information. Our skill enables us to speed up the whole relocation process.

How to build a second site while the first is in development in WordPress?

There are a lot of ways of building another WordPress site while the current site is live. None are more actually right than some other strategy, however, each of the manners in which you could move toward this has changing requests of your specialized capacity. No concerns, Bitspace Digital has you covered. Assuming that it’s a WordPress site without WooCommerce, you have a scope of choices without an excessive amount of giving and take in any domain. Assuming you have WooCommerce introduced and the webpage is a working WooCommerce site that is taking requests, you need to contemplate what you’re doing. Developers have greater adaptability in their methodology as they’re more open to playing with data set tables and blending or adjusting information.

Build a WordPress site without facilitating with a nearby introduction –

This isn’t too troublesome. That being said, it presents more specialized difficulties and requests you essentially discover somewhat more with regards to code, particularly assuming things don’t go totally to design. Investigating without code information would be everything except outlandish or take a LOT of Googling. This choice is consequently to be kept away from if you can as the intricacies far offset the advantages, particularly when you consider you can get facilitating from SiteGround for not exactly the expense of some Coffee a month!

Install a new WordPress webpage on a Subdirectory of your current domain –

A subdirectory is only a record area on your current site. Model bitspacedigital.com/newwebsitesubdirectory/. It seems as though the URL of simply one more page, yet all the same it’s not. We will introduce a different new installation of WordPress on this subdirectory and basically, build a spic and span WordPress site on the current domain.

To introduce WordPress on a sub-registry you ought to counsel our supplier’s specialized documentation. One of the moderately huge advantages of doing it this way is that you can move this new site onto the primary area easily by reordering two or three records in your facilitating supplier’s document director and causing a minor to alter to one of them.

The documents to duplicate are index.php and .htaccess. We will duplicate these documents from the subdirectory organizer that your “new” WordPress site is at present situated in the registry. We will then, at that point, take these documents and glue them into the domain catalog envelope. Pushing ahead in the accompanying envelope, public HTML > site name. We will likewise now rename the EXISTING index.php and .htaccess records in the fundamental registry, add a “1” to the furthest limit of the document name for the time being. Later legitimate area we’ll have to alter the index.php record to make the new site work.

Altering the index.php document – Once we have these records replicated and situated in the right envelope, we’ll need to alter the index.php record. We will go to require(‘./wp-blog-header.PHP) and supplant this line with the accompanying piece of code with require(‘./subdirectory/wp-blog-header.php’). We will then, at that point, save the document and exit. The last advances will be when signed into WordPress (away from the document supervisor!), we’ll need to alter the URL settings.
In the WordPress administrator dashboard go to ‘Settings > General’ and change the URL for the ‘WordPress Address’ and the ‘Site Address’. We want to change the subdirectory URL to the primary site area URL. For instance, in the General Settings tab, we’ll see the subdirectory URL, similar to this, https://spacedigital/newwebsitesubdirectory.

It should be changed to this, https://bitspacedigital.com/. Furthermore, that is it for utilizing this way to deal with building another WordPress site while the current site is live. Assuming making these minor alter to documents in your registry feels too specialized, that is not an issue. We can in reality still basically “move” the new site onto the current area.

Install a new WordPress site on a Subdomain of your current domain –

This is our favored arrangement while exhorting non-designer WordPress site manufacturers. A subdomain would resemble this, newsite.bitdomain.com. This is mixed with utilizing a “migration module” is a truly incredible method of keeping things basic. To begin with, you’ll need to make a sub-area and introduce WordPress on that Sub-domain.

Assuming somebody is utilizing our suggested WooCommerce Hosting, SiteGround, this is their guidelines en route to making a subdomain on your current area utilizing SiteGround. Assuming anybody utilizing another facilitating supplier, simply scan Google for, “how to make a subdomain with “.

Whenever we’ve made your subdomain, it’s the ideal standard interaction for introducing WordPress. Assuming that we use CPanel, the given WordPress installer, for example, Softaculous is available. Assuming we’re utilizing SiteGround’s webpage devices, follow their basic bit by bit process whenever you’re signed in to your facilitating represent adding another WordPress site to your facilitating account.

We would now be able to construct your new WordPress webpage autonomously of the current site, totally behind the scenes, keeping the current website live while we build your new WordPress site. At the point when we’ve finished the new web architecture, you would then be able to utilize a “relocation module” to move the WordPress website from the subdomain to the main domain. Relocating the new WordPress site from a subdomain onto a current domain.

Alright, so you’re set to move the WordPress site from subdomain to main domain. Once more, SiteGround clients will track down this piece a piece of cake The SiteGround “SG Migrator” module deals with everything. You follow these steps:

  • Install the WordPress SG Migrator Plugin on your NEW website.
  • We generate a migration token inside Site Tools or CPanel under the “SG Migrator” section.
  • We enter the migration token into the SG Migrator Plugin options on your new WordPress site and click “migrate”.

Then, at that point, we simply trust that the relocation will be finished. As referenced, we can utilize this methodology of “building another WordPress site and afterward relocating it onto a current area” whether or not we’ve constructed the site on a subdirectory or subdomain. This is an incredible decision for the “non-specialized” or “non-designers” and it’s the sort of thing we can do while upheld by strong facilitating support, something which SiteGround offers in plenitude.

How does WordPress differ from HTML development?

  • Assuming that you won’t ever have to refresh, change, or add new substance to your site and are sure with regards to it, go for an HTML site. It will be quicker as the essential HTML code runs smoothly.
  • To have the opportunity to pick the huge number of layouts and need to control your site and not have any desire to pay cash month to month to designers to add pictures and other substance, WordPress is the better decision. Be that as it may, assuming you know to code and can try not to pay developers, of course, HTML checks out.
  • Utilizing WordPress, you can add content to your site without employing any developer, you would not have to stress over servers and data sets. You can make such countless pages whenever. You can make it inside a couple of moments.
  • You can add a blog area to keep your clients or readers refreshed, or even form your email rundown and remarks segment and hold getting more clients to your business case you decide to go with WordPress. It gives such a lot of usefulness absent a lot of costs.
  • You will be associated with a worldwide local area of business that is utilizing WordPress to deal with its internet-based presence. There is a lot of free assistance, assets, devices, and plugins accessible to help new clients and to develop your business consistently.
  • By trying not to pay designers a truckload of cash for straightforward stuff, you will want to spend that cash on other significant parts of your business with WordPress. WordPress is their best approach forward for the individuals who need to acquire from their business utilizing sites and need to get more cash flow.
  • Site design improvement and security are significant elements of any site which are accessible with WordPress, however, with HTML, you would have to think of them into a code and would have to know a great deal of coding for that or would have to pay to developers.
  • If you needn’t bother with much usefulness – simply static pages with pictures/recordings/text it’s a decent choice to go for HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap, this will permit you to make responsive sites that will chip away at all gadgets without any problem. Yet, assuming you need a full blog site with an information base, security, and SEO, you ought to simply introduce WordPress and begin chipping away at it as having to do with HTML will dial back the whole interaction.


BitSpace Digital has an excellent group of developers with the ability in WordPress development services for a scope of business situated all over the planet. Our tweaked WordPress development services assist businesses with assuming better responsibility for business capacities. With us close by, you’ll get something beyond a basic site. We help curate high-performing computerized encounters that enhance your business with our WordPress Development Services. We immovably accept that each connection counts, which is the reason we offer our aptitude and energy of real value for your advantage. Reach us for more data and information.

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